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***New Volume Discounts! ~~>

We have added COE 33 (borosilicate) and COE 104 items to our inventory!

As a result, we have changed how our categories are organized. Rather than being organized by Manufacturer first, items are are now organized by COE first, then Manufacturer. We hope that this will help you to determine which items best fit your needs and also help avoid mistakes with regards to mixing COEs.

As always, if you have any questions about the reorganization or the products, etc, please feel free to contact us through the "Contact Us" link located at the top and bottom of every page.



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Melt Glass Art Supply offers an excellent variety of  sheet glass, rod, frit, tubing, murrini, supplies, tools, findings, etc. In addition, we have one of the best selections of CBS Dichroic, Profusion and Dichro Magic products on the web!

We now carry COE 33 (boro), COE 90 and COE 104!

With a selection of products suitable for hobbyists to large-scale glass artists, Melt Glass Art Supply continuously strives to stay up-to-date with the newest trends in the glass industry, while also maintaining a large inventory of the tried-and-true basics. We know that no supplier can carry every single item, so we are MORE than happy to find that special item or to take care of that custom order for you. Just contact us and let's work together to make your next project amazing!
Volume Discounts:

$250-499      -5%
$500-999      -7%
$1000+       -10%
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